Fathomless (II) – A Painting

Fathomless (II) - A Painting

Fathomless (II) - A Painting (page 2)

II. A Painting

A shadow moving across the bay

rising with the setting sun

taking a dip in the roaring sea.

Alone perhaps… deep in his thoughts

talking to self

“why one loves if

to love is to fail oneself

at the need of the moment?”

When everyone expects you

to bring some laurels;

when parents wish you

cross the crossroad,

you betray their dreams

just for a sake of an emotion!”

With the vanishing footprints

on the sand

the shadow is no more.

The leather jacket of darkness

enveloping the shadow

making him the un-detachable part

of the black paste

that paints the canvas…

“True” mutters the painter

with the thin brush

dipped in black, that spurt out

like the burnt out Palm leaf.

“The moment ago ,

What the image of the lover

that lingers at the bay thought

was my philosophy too”.

But with the change of time

and with the change of passage

one has to repair his moods

his thoughts, ideas and views.

“so, there is no surprise

if now I have

a divorced legacy of a frustrated view !”


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

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