Fathomless (III) – Old Wife’s Tale

Fathomless: III - Old Wife’s Tale

Fathomless: III - Old Wife’s Tale (page 2)

III Old Wife’s Tale

Told the old woman

with the growing line of seriousness

resting at the far corners of her chin

the story of the old painter

who once loved a princess

of course of his dreams

not of any state.

Childhood memories are

but a part of the album,

where among the fading snaps

you search for

the sweet moments.

But the black – and – white

moments do betray

with their promises to

colour up your life…

The colour was used

to bring them to life

but as mere dark-light remainings

of the passing moment.

So, that smiling chin

above the grey shadow

of your princess is not what you see, but is

just what you can imagine

how she looked once

standing at the last corners of time’s street,

when the painter too

didn’t know except to smile

at the darkening lens

with the innocent looks.

As the miles crossed

with the dropping innocence

“we used to grow”

with our growing senses

with our passions and


a little hunger.


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

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