Fathomless (V) – A Night Preparation

Fathomless (V) – A Night Preparation

V. A Night Preparation

“Money is hardly my aim,

but there is the lurking wish

for what it can buy”

A charming mirror

like an Yes-Man

always ready to nod

in affirmative

at every wish of the princess

“Who is most beautiful in the world?”

“You yourself, with no doubt”

replies the shining plate.

with the tempting voice

the glow in the eyes grow —

So, what if hundreds like it would

bow down to the ultimate beauty?

Wouldn’t that be more nice

to have millions

with their thirsty eyes

look up at the

sweet piece?


whispers the princess

“I need something more

to prove my beauty”.


when above the far edge of the sky

the blue shawl was raised

with hundreds of silvery glows

spreading across the sky,

the princess leans over the castle window

and waits for the hoofs

of the stranger

with his promise of gold.



Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

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