Fathomless (VII) – A Moral

Fathomless : VII - A Moral

VII. A Moral

The little girl

with innocent looks

right beside the Grand-Pa

looking for butterflies

points to the red beauties

over the green thorn —

“Aren’t the lovely?”

Nodded the old man smilingly

in his usual way

with a resonant voice

“Yeah, they are — the roses;

but what makes them special

is not what they are,

but for what we keep for them

inside us — a little room

in the kingdom of our heart

a special room”.

It is that special place

that brings someone close

makes someone a part of us

perhaps creates the rainbow

while you are standing under the rain.


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

All Rights Reserved. No part of the above poem(s) can be published any where in any form (electronic or non-electronic ), with out the written permission of author. However you can direct yours links to this page in your websites.



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