Fathomless (VIII) – The Celebration

Fathomless : VIII - The Celebration

VIII. The Celebration

Gold is stronger,

stronger is the lust

than the faint morals of love

“You don’t need to wait

when your body calls

to serve it with another”

Rapenzel’s hair waited for the

touch of stranger’s ride.

And princess shared the aftermath — a sweet nothing

with the stranger — the sweeter than the old painter”

Pink is not the part of night

‘cause it is morning to come

bringing with it an end to an erotic dream

to the flickering eyes,

trembling hands and heavy breaths.

An episode ended,

unknown to the world…

unknown to the lover

who thought she was the queen

the queen of his heart!


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

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