Fathomless : XII – The Beginning

Fathomless : XII - The Beginning


XII. The Beginning

The beatings of the bells —

the sun shall shine

over the broken walls

of Shiva temple.

The paused storm;

a young one amidst the dead leaves

all wait for a new start,

a new beginning.

What the old man wanted was

just the re-packed version

of the lost story — to be alive again

to make a new start

from the desert of the distant past .

He said:

‘I’m forced by the five senses

to fear the five senses !’

What is waited for, is a story

I not know

But when I search for more

I see a vacant paper

where a vague memory

threat to linger !


Fathomless (c)  2004, Samir K. Dash

All Rights Reserved. No part of the above poem(s) can be published any where in any form (electronic or non-electronic ), with out the written permission of author. However you can direct yours links to this page in your websites.



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