Send Talking Dogs and Singing Cats to your friend’s mobile: is Live!

Yes, -one of the very cool Flash (rather Flex AS3) based greetings website is live now!  Yvo and the team struggled hard for the project and it took 18 months to get from idea to go live. This is the only site in the world that is Next to AmericanGreetings and Hallmark (both billion dollar companies), who can deliver Mobile video greeting cards. And the best part of the news is that  mgreetings.comis the only company that can deliver Talking cards to a mobile phone! The site showcases several options to choose from different characters who speak or sing aloud the texts you write. And once personalised you can send them to your friend’s mobile device. Most of the popular handset brands, OS are supported by the generated card including iphone, symbian, windows. As long as your friend’s mobile supports video he can enjoy the card you sent to him.

There are many FREE cards which you can send using a FREE 1 months trial period.

So why wait. visit the site and sign up at

The team has  lots of new ideas and features in the road map. So don’t forget to give feedback at the site.

Note. I have limited promotional codes with me which you can use to get 20 PREMIUM cards free.  If you need one,  send me an email asap so that you can get it before anyone else gets it.