BhoolBhulaya – Find Your Way Out in a 3D Maze (Flash Lite Game for Nokia Handsets)

BhoolBhulaya is my latest game for mobiles developed with Adobe Flash Lite (using Flash Lite 3.1 ).  The game is targets a wider screen such as that of N97/N97 Mini i.e. 640 x 360 screen resolution on landscape mode. Currently I have not implemented any touch interaction in this…may be I will do it in next release.

The of game can also be played on any Nokia mobile device having at least

                                  1. 240 x 320 px screen resolution or higher
                                  2. Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 (Distributable player) or higher 
                                  3. In such case it is preferable to play the game in landscape mode.

The theme of the game is about a real life maze where each cell of the maze is a room with 4 doors . The player of the game is the protagonist who is stuck inside one of the rooms (unknown cell) and he has to find his way out.

Even though the maze is a common theme in games, this game is unique as it does not gives you a view of the whole maze, rather it presents a real life view as if you are stuck in a room. The 3D like effect gives the user a simulated reality.

The user moves in the room using the LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN keys. When the user reaches the door which blinks as Red color, the user can hit the SELECT key to open that door.

The user is provided with a compass and a radar that tells how closer or farther you are getting to the final room /door where you can get out of the maze. There is no way you can see the structure of the maze, or at which portion you are in. Each time you start playing the rooms are arranged in a random order and you are placed in a random cell, so each time it has a new challenge for the player.

The radar shows GREEN circle when user nears the end point, turns RED when the user goes farther from it and turns ORANGE-YELLOW when he is in someway between.

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BhoolBhulaya: Find Your Way Out in a 3D Maze (Flasah Lite 3.1 Game for Nokia Devices) 

 BhoolBhulaya: Find Your Way Out…






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