First ever Bollywood press conference over Cisco Telepresence

History was created on Friday, June 11, when ‘Raavan’ became the first ever Bollywood film to use Cisco TelePresence technology for film promotion. This is a significant milestone in the use of communication technology for the global entertainment industry on how movie launches will be looked at in future.  Last Friday, the film’s producers hosted a global press conference from the Cisco Mumbai office, across five cities and three continents using Cisco TelePresence technology to connect the film’s director and cast with media present at two global locations. 

Demonstrating a live example of how collaborative technologies simplify working and provide a seamless experience, actors Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan joined the conference from the Cisco office in Mumbai, while director Mani Ratnam and actor Vikram joined from a Cisco TelePresence unit in Chennai. Media from New York and Dubai attended the press conference virtually over TelePresence, from their respective locations.

As the Indian film industry is becoming increasingly globalised, technologies such as Cisco’s TelePresence can provide a platform for stars and directors to connect with their global audiences without having to travel thousands of miles to get an authentic face-to-face meeting experience.

Abhishek Bachchan later tweeted about the event saying: “This cisco telepresence is just surreal!!! Way cool.”



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One thought on “First ever Bollywood press conference over Cisco Telepresence

  1. Great time !
    The Telepresence industry is now getting public face!
    You can imagine the future of Telepresence !
    After-all CISCO ……… is CISCO !!!!!!!
    SEE IT …FEEL IT ..
    Jayant K.

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