Article on Pocket Travel assistant on Mint News Paper

An article on my travel application MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant has appeared in today’s Mint News Paper (by The Hindustan Times & The Wall Street Journal) titled “Travelling made easier with a pocketdigital guide“.

This section highlights some of the best nominations for this year’s MBillionth Awards South Asia Mobile Congress organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation, , WSA MobileContent, Department of Information Technology , Govt of India with partners like Nokia Siemens Network, MobileMonday etc.

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Following are some selected sections from the article:

… Pocket Travel Assistant, or PTA, is a free-of-cost mobile phone application that promises to bring the world to the fingertips of travellers.

It compiles a range of information about places of tourist interest globally, including landmarks, history, culture, weather, street addresses and phone numbers.

This is beefed up with local news, maps and content such as mobile phone books to serve as a comprehensive digital travel guide.

“The initial motivation was to create a proof of concept mobile mash-up application of non-mobile data sources, and to make it available on mobile,” said Samir Kumar Dash, the entrepreneur who has created PTA. “The idea was to provide the traveller with a one-stop solution for all his travel needs.”

Using PTA, travellers can also directly access images or video clips of a particular destination available on websites such as Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube.

The application uses the location of the phone to provide users with local emergency numbers, such as police helpline or the nearest clinic or hospital.

In places where language is a barrier, PTA links to the Google language translator page to help out with simple phrases in the local language.

It has its limits. PTA does not provide information about the remote villages of India unless they have a historical or geographical significance.

But with the use of the Ineternet rising in India, Dash is hopeful. “As the data PTA uses is based on Internet data, in time more and more information about the remotest places will be available,” he said.

The application is available for Flash Llite 3x-enabledmobile phones only. Users need a GPRS/Wifi connection that allows data transfer to use it.

“(Being) easy to download and free of cost with no hidden charges involved makes the product even more usable by a traveller, along with its additional features,” said Dash…