UI2MVC for AS3: Saving Efforts in the Begining Stages of the Project Development

Everyone knows that developing a PureMVC application in AS3 requires a good amount of effort in the begining weeks. Same was my experience in some of my applications I had developed in past for different clients, who wanted the perfect pureMVC structure to be implemented and that too with in limited budget and time.  It was a pian for the team to deliver the project in PureMVC if the budget is crushed. So I was working on a small tool kit that actually helps reduce the efforts for the team in the beginning stage of the project that implement that use the PureMVC framework for AS3.

Actually any project implementing pureMVC in AS3 in Flash , approxmiately 15% – 30% of total development effort is spent in writing the UI level Views,  Notifications, Commands, Mediators and Proxies . In the begining weeks the initial effort is spent in preparing the basic work flow based on the business flow defined in the requirement docs. Once the basic flow is ready , the rest of the effort goes to implementing the business logic to the base framework prepared.  Another point is very intresting to note — the more you split your application into smaller loosely coupled modules/logical units, the more flexible your application becomes, but at the same time it requires adding more .AS files representing more splitted code lines of logical units, commands, notifications and views etc. But client is never happy with the flexibility implemented, nor with the requests to add more to budget for more lines of codes …rather wants the application to be unendingly flexible as well as modular without allowing any additional effort hours. And a typical out put can look something like this as in the following image in the first weeks of development with the basic flow ready.

 Now how if this can be done with in a day or two instead of spending one or two weeks? Well that’s what UI2MVC is all about. Currently it takes UI level inputs, lable names, file names in the form of a specific formatted  XML (I call it UIXML) and out puts the basic flow of  pureMVC ready application that can be compiled without any graphical views. Though the tool is in very primitive stage, I have successfully used to deliver two projects where roughly 2-3 weeks of time is saved in each project. I am now trying to create a GUI version of it so that it will be more userfriendly and can fasten the workflow. Also currently this is meant for certain types of applications development with AS3 PureMVC, such as it is limited to single common navigation controller. Note: this also currently does not support Flex/Flash Builder projects.