DEF Announces on the spot prizes at the mBillionth ceremony

In mBillionth its not the nominees only who will be excited to hear the final results that will be declared at the event…but it is also all the participants who have registered for the event to experience the great ideas in mobile developers’ world as DEF Announces on the spot prizes at the mBillionth ceremony!!!!
DEF Facebook Page Wall Post

– Best Post – 1 Prize
– Highest No of Pos%ng – 1 Prize
Twi&er Handle: mbillionth
Hashtag: #mbillionth
– Best Tweet – 1 Prize
– Highest No of Tweets – 1 Prize

– Best Blog Post on mBillionth – 1 Prize
– Highest number of Blog Posts on mBillionth – 1 Prize

– Best Photograph of mBillionth Award Event – 1 Prize
– Highest Number of Photos on mBillionth Posted on the Web – 1 Prize

– Best video on youtube – 1 Prize
– Largest number of videos on youtube – 1 Prize
Per Session Feedback

[Total Sessions 5 including Inaugural & Award Ceremony]
– 3 Prizes per session
– Feedback form must be fully filled
– Drop in filled feedback form in Drop Box
Overall Feedback
– Best overall feedback, sugges%ons and recommenda%ons