MitraJyothi Community Radio : To Inspire and Enable the Visually Challenged

MitraJyothi CommunityRadio is a platform developed targeting the visually challenged persons to enable, educate and inspire them via the use of internet through PCs with support for podcast feed generation. This project of Community Radio is an attempt to help the visually impaired people to listen to news, education services, entertainment etc by sitting at home on their own internet connected devices.

As individuals and group when we (me,Hitesh Panchal,Santosh Kulkarni,Nilesh Sable,Kamlesh Vyas,Sandeep Karmarkar) visited the NGO MitraJyothi for volunteering activity, Mitra Jyothi expressed their plans of setting up Community Radio. Content Recording was already in progress. Then we had a group discussion between volunteers and Mitra Jyothi on how this can be implemented in a better way for the benefit of the visually challenged people. With technical expertise already in place for development it was just a matter of unanimous decision. As a team we decided to come up with a new type community broadcasting site /internet radio site that will redefined the accessibility available on an webpage for a visally challenged person. Even though in many cases visually challenged persons depend on screen reader software, to navigate through the site, they are helpless in a situation where the PC does not have such a software installed and finally the prototype site MitraJyothi Community Radio is born.

MitraJyothi Community Radio is an unique community broadcasting site as it implements novel way to access the content of the site. Not only its navigational links, buttons and contents are accessible to screen-reader software, but also it has an unique “navigational help” that helps the visually challenged in the situation where there is no screen reader software installed on end user machine. That means the content is accessible to visually challenged even in internet parlors, net cafes, where normally screen reader software are not installed on the systems. As in India most of the users access the web from the internet parlors , net cafes, this site will have no problem in such cases.

. Basically most of the content are a part of the large collection of audio books based on text books from class 1 to post graduation studies in English and Kannada recorded by MitraJyothi for the Visually challenged. Initially these audio books were available to those organizations or individuals who send in a request for a cassette or CD copies. These audio books included science, sociology & social sciences, geography, history, language studies for English, Kannada, Literature, Computer Training, Mathamatics, law, general studies and many more. There are also many audio versions of well known magazines such as “Sanchayika” (Kannada Monthly) . Plans are to include other leading magazines such as “The India Today” Weekly editions.

Along with this the MitraJyothi Community Radio also offers the programs recorded by the Visually Challenged and low vision persons who get training at MitraJyothi . These include the inspirational talks, discussions on social issues, life improvements talks, education and general studies related episodes and the episodes centered round the life of those visually challenged persons who have set examples in life by fighting against all the odds to succeed in life.

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