Walk-through of a Cisco QLM3: Using iPad for M-Learning

Just posted a quick walk-through of a Cisco QLM 3 (Quick Learning Module).

 Cisco Learning Network(CLN) has released a FREE version of QLM (Quick Learning Module) course for iPad — leraning content in chunk that can be accessed anywhere anytime for a quick learning purpose. Even though the m-learning concept using iPad is not new, the QLM concept is certainly a milestone in this domain. Cisco QLMs are first of its kind effective mini learning modules that is going to shape the way we learn. The idea behind the Cisco QLM is “to provide […] customers with training on in-demand technical topics in use today by top Cisco engineers”


More details in my last post https://samirshomepage.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/quick-learning-modules-from-cisco-learning-networks-using-ipad-for-m-learning/