Complete entry submitted for Rupee symbol contest



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Complete entry submitted for Rupee symbol contest






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The Proposed symbol of “Rupee” is the synergy of several themes namely: antiquity and modernity; Indian-ness and the International culture; the East and West. The symbol has all the elements that projects its attributes that are strongly recognizably Indian about it and at the same time it has all the characteristics that makes it a part of the family of popular international currency symbols such the Pound (£), the US dollar ($), Yen (Y) and Euro (€). The focus of the design of this symbol was mainly along the following lines. Thematic aspect of the symbol : The symbol of Rupee must represent the unique characteristics of the essence of India — the symbol must be representative of what we can recognize as Indian character. Historically it must represent country’s rich past and it must present itself as the attestation of one of the culturally pregnant civilization. It must represent the India’s concept uniqueness in acting as a bridge for the East and West. Also it must signify the Indian spirit in “unity in diversity” — representing the fact that in today’s troubled times India can be an example in how people of different cast , race, color, language and religion live together in harmony and proper. Last but not the least, thematically the symbol must live upto the promise that Rupee is committing to the world at large that it has the stability which is required by any currency to be the player in the global stage.


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