Galaxy S5 UX


UX – # of Apps


The Galaxy S5 has 40 applications only, which is much reduced compared to, for example, the Galaxy Note 3 having 51 apps. 40 applications in the 2 pages. That’s it. If wanted, other relatively less frequently used apps can be easily downloaded through Galaxy Essential and Galaxy Gift widget.


To find the most important features from the consumers’ perspectives, Samsung used its collected data of VOCs (Voice of Customers) on the existing and previous devices. From the VOCs, it was found that most of the Galaxy users said some apps were not used as frequently as they anticipated. Therefore, Samsung decided to reduce the pre-installed app to 40.


UI of the Galaxy focusing on the basic yet essential functionalities has been getting many positive reactions from the users.


Galaxy S5 Design Concept


Back Cover – The Touch


Samsung wanted to make the Galaxy S5 have the softest and most comfortable grip, therefore, Samsung especially concentrated on the feeling of touch, as many apps like the S Health that users need to touch were included. Hence, the design team of the Galaxy S5 focused on the feeling of the handgrip of the Galaxy S5.


According to the, the small holes on the panel provide a tactile grip to the fingertips when users touch the back of the phone. The S5’s unique cushioning materials deliver a reassuring give when held in the user’s hands. Combined with the perforated exterior and a material soft as sheepskin, the S5 provides a truly optimal grip.


The team wanted to find a certain material that was close to nature and was most natural. To find that right material, they touched hundreds of fabrics in different colors, sizes, and types such as plastic, wood, textiles, glass, and adhesives. Among the samples, they believed that sheepskin leather had the softest touch and a comfortable grip. That material not only was natural but also was sophisticated for its usability in handbags or purses from famous designer brands. Thus, the sophisticated sheepskin leather like feeling was chosen for the back of the Galaxy S5. 



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UX – Icons & Interface


To make the Galaxy S5 more ‘Modern Flash’, the designers also designed the basic icons and UX icons in the settings to have a stylish look by creating them in a simpler fashion. For instance, the 12 short lines in the clock icon have disappeared, leaving just the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. In case of the Gallery icon, the seeds in the yellow flower have been removed. Also, the play sign (triangle shape) has gone and a music note has been placed inside the blue circle for the music icon. In addition, the icons in the setting have become much clearer and rounder; in fact, all the icons listed in the setting now have round shapes.


Comparing the icons of the Galaxy S Series



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