Why ‘UX’ is must for software industry?

In software industry , just like any other manufacturing industry the final production of final output step of the whole process of software development is critical as well as expensive. So it became necessary for the different stake holders of the process and the final output to figure out the exact “what” and “how” aspect. To cater these needs new specialties such as “interaction design”, “information architecture” emerge. These new disciplines became the part of software development life cycle gradually after 90s and put an impact on production design process in software industry.

Software industry is itself in a speedy evolving process. So the methodologies used in production design also gradually evolved to match the changing needs of the time. For example the competition in the software product market gave rise to the trend of publishing quick and iterative versions to the market and gradually improvement of the product based on the feedback of the users on the versions available in the market. The agile methodology in the software production process helped changing the process related goals for the developers and designers involved. In the designers process concepts like “Lean UX” has emerged to meet the need of the competitive timelines and “quick to production” demands through agile process.

This is high time we need to see how the “ever evolving” change in production design process can be handled by the designers, developers and information architects through bare minimum effort and learning curve. Understanding of UX is after all is a ‘must’ for those who want a quick fix solution for the changes that happen in the production process and find answers on how to map different UX and IXD concepts to their “ever changing needs” in software production.

(c) 2013-14 , Samir Dash