Samir Kumar Dash

Product Strategist & UX Architect – AIPMM CPM, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, MBA (Systems & Marketing)

Defining a UX strategy for mobile, SaaS and cloud based eco-systems. Bridging between the UX design and and technology team. Support marketing and user research team in product positioning for the enterprise and B2C consumer market. Developing new product concepts and feasibility study, technology selection and implementation strategy for eco-systems. UX Design and front-end technology team management across global set-ups. Research & development in IXD, insight management and UX innovation for digital lifestyle , healthcare, consumer facing mobile and social-web.
10+ years of experience in information design solutions for both software & IT services as well as product setups. Experience include strategic road-map and planning for e-learning, social and mobile software products & services. Specialized in strategic road-map for enterprise training/certification needs, intelligent learning eco-systems and content porting for cross platform devices, DRM implementation for digital content delivery and securities aspect of MOOC.Users’ need assessment, product planning, strategic positioning of cloud solutions for enterprise and the lean start-ups — product engineering management, concept-to-market life cycle.
Cell: +91 8971962520

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This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer  or any third-party organisation.

For any questions feel free to contact at samirk_dash[AT]yahoo[DOT]com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Samir,
    i saw you posting on the adobe site about the xml flash lite slideshow. We are a little startup that is developing a new product that will take advantage of flash lite. we are looking for somebody that can help us pull together an experience prototype.

    We have already all the web services. we need to have the flash movie go and read the updated XML and load the new content ( images+text) on the device and present them as slideshow.

    let me know if you are interested or pass over some contact of people that may be interested.


  2. Samir,

    Thanks for the great article on bidi text. I am still having problems with my situation. I am localizing several Flash pieces into Arabic. I have a translation doc with bidi text. When I copy and paste a string into a static text field in Flash it reverses the order of characters (as if it is forcing LtR from the bidi text). The only solution I can find is to change the orientation to vertical, right to left which forces the text into a vertical alignment. I then have to change the shape of the text field and set the column spacing to something like -10 to -15 to get it to look similar, but there are too many spacing issues. The good news is I just have headlines to translate, not large blocks of text (all single line). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  3. Dear SAMIR,
    I saw you posting on the adobe site about the “Creating bi-directional text in Flash Lite”…
    that was so great… TanQ
    A question!!! Can I do it in Adobe Flex or Flash just like your way in Flash lite?!

    thanks again and again…


    1. Hi BornA,

      Yes the same principle can be applied i Flex and Flash. but the method is not suitable for too much content as it will consume runtime memory.

  4. I must say I’m certainly impressed by your life ladder.

    The way you have climbed up to get to your current position seems quite ecstatic.

    It might be noticable to you by now how I landed on this page.

    1st – Rupee design 2nd – MBA post … and then the excitement about knowing you more, by click on about page.

    Keep going up


    Yogesh Mhatre

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