Rourkela: The Illustrated Journey Into The Life Of A City



The “Rourkela:  The illustrated journey into the life of a city ” book project is an unique attempt to stitch to weave a canvas of experience about a place through illustrative medium — it’s more about travelling through time and space to witness the growth of a city and it’s culture.

India’s  first ever integrated steel plant under public sector ‘Rourkela Steel Plant’ facility was established in Rourkela 1954-55. Post independence the then leaders wanted to set up a steel plant to make India self-dependent in iron and steel.Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India wanted to make India an industrialised state. Iron and Steel was the basic requirements of the people at the dawn of the independence. Finally the leaders of the nation selected Rourkela for a steel plant.

So what is the story behind this? How was the city selected? What was the history of that place before? The book tries to explore this fascinating story in with the vivid illustrations. It

aims to include those little little things that makes help understand the place better – including the flocklore of the place to actual historical linkage to some part of the place that typically go unnoticed due to the fact that the place is less written about in different books and magazines.

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MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant has been selected at World Summit Award Mobile Content 2010 as one of the few Outstanding Regional Achievement Awards

Here is another good news for MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant!!!

MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant has been selected at World Summit Award Mobile Content 2010 as one of the few Outstanding Regional Achievement Awards in the category of  m-Tourism & Culture ]from Asia.

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m-Tourism & Culture

Pocket Travel Assistant
Language: English
Producer: Mr. Dash Samir Kumar

The Pocket Travel Assistant is a one-stop solution for all traveller information needs. PTA provides information on any major city/town in the world. The application combines data from Google Maps, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, BBC, Reuters, Twitter, YouTube and much more.

Note that the Outstanding Regional Achievement Awards are given to those producers/developers participating in the 2010contest whose product was evaluated by the Grand Jury to be among the best in a category where thereis no winner from that global region. WSA recognizes 6 global regions of the e- and m-content industry:Europe, North America and Oceania, Latin America, Asia, Arab Countries and Africa

About the WSA-mobile:

Organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM) in Salzburg, the WorldSummit Award Mobile is a global initiative within the framework of, and in cooperationwith, the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), incollaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and the United National Global Alliance for ICT andDevelopment (UN GAID).

The WSA-mobile is the only ICT event worldwide, which reaches the mobile community inover 160 countries and is able to promote the best mobile content and innovativeapplications out of this huge selection.Abu Dhabi, as the city of the award’s key partner ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems &Information Centre), will host all WSA-mobile Awards until at least 2015.

For further information, go to or contact .For ADSIC, Abu Dhabi, write to Ms. Batoul Husseini at

December 6-8, 2010
Celebrating the richness and diversity in m-Content

This year, Abu Dhabi and ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre) will be generously hosting the first edition of the WSA-mobile Winners’ Celebrations.  The unique networking event showcasing the most outstanding mobile content from all over the world and organized in close cooperation and back to back with the Global Forum of the United Nations’ DESA GAID  will take place from December 6-8, 2010 bringing together a wide range if experts from the industry, governments and the UN, along with the creative community.

The Winners’ Gala

The Gala Celebration is the highlight of the entire WSA-mobile process 2010 and a unique ceremony to honor excellence m-Content and innovative application creation. The winning teams in 8 categories from all over the world will be present and handed out the awards by highest level international dignities. The Winners’ teams will be invited to personally receive their certificate and trophy from dignitaries of government, the private sector and the United Nations. The Gala is orchestrated as a two hour show, with music and multimedia elements. Global webcasts and TV broadcasting are planned to cover the event. By bringing together government, business and civil society, the WSA mobile supports the creation of synergies between suppliers and users of communications applications and assists in connecting practical applications and innovative ideas.

WSA-mobile Winners workshops
Sharing the expertise:  m- Content & innovative applications

For two days, the World Summit Award mobile (WSA-mobile) Winners teams selected from around the world, will take stage to present their awarded projects, meet each other in a panel discussion, share their visions on ICT, creativity and innovation, speak about their experience and ask and answer questions. Each session will be thematically dedicated to one of the WSA mobile categories and moderated by a member of the Grand Jury.
The workshops will be dedicated to Innovation and creative use of ICTs, which lack sustainable value if not driven by quality content. Using and working with technologies creatively can improve the lives of many – this shall be clearly demonstrated and showcased during the three days in Abu Dhabi on concrete examples of excellence from all parts of the world. Creativity is not bound to being rich in terms of material goods, infrastructure and access to networks: it is a “natural resource” of the human mind everywhere in the world. Bridging the digital divide is therefore a matter of content.
The WSA-mobile winners workshops will be a unique opportunity and an invitation not only see the best examples of taking the main challenges of the new Information Society, but also to personally meet those behind the best in the content industry, from m-Learning to m-Health and from m-Entertainment to m-Inclusion.

More details about WSA Mobile Content 2010 can be found out here :

Click the link below  to register World Conference on m-Content, Dec. 6-8, Abu Dhabi

MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant wins at mBillionth South Asia 2010 held on 23rd July 2010.

MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant (PTA) finally made it to the winners list at mBillionth South Asia 2010 held on 23rd July 2010 under the category in m-Travel & Tourism. PTA was named among the 4 winners in the m-Travel & Tourism category in the award gala held on 23rd July 2010 at New Delhi. The other 3 winners in the category were : SMS 139 Railway Enquiry ,  AWATAR Mobile Booking, Suruk .
samir_mbillionth by you.

Another Good news is that another m-news application MobileWish NewsBox was appreciated as a shortlisted finalist in the awrd in the category of m-news & Journalism where the mobile application from Thompson Reuters was leading the winner’s list.

The event continued from morning 8.30 am till night 10 pm with various mindblowing panel discussions, idea sharing sessions related to mobile and possible ICT development and its imapct.It was a nice oppertunity to be face to face with mobile industry leaders and developers across South Asia.

About m-Billionth Award:

m-Billionth Award is a dedicated platform to explore the latent potential of mobile sector across South Asia. These Media phones/mobile, handy gadgets can now do anything from allow physicians to review patient records on-the-go, to alert drivers in any city of nearby parking spaces while looking for spot, in addition to the texting, surfing and calling on many of today’s phones.
The m-Billionth Award South Asia 2010 is first of its kind in the region recognising and felicitating mobile innovations, applications and content services delivery. It is to honour excellence in mobile communications across South Asia spread over 9 core categories. The m-Billionth Award is designed as an annual South
Asia’s leading mobile content’s award platform towards larger regional Mobile Congress in media and policy advocacy.
Recognise mobile innovations and creativity.
Provide a platform for the innovations into benchmarking in the mobile industry.
Provide a wider forum for strategic networking, alliances and partnership building.
Provide a South Asia Congress to exchange ideas, practices and policy strengths & mobile advocacy.
Facilitate in building a South Asia network towards campaign and advocacy in mobile for mass empowerment and inclusive growth.
mBillionth Award Partners
The event was sponsered by Department of Information & Technology , Govt. of India, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Verisign, Intel, The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA Mobile), One 97 Mobile, The national Internet Exchange of India (NiXI), MobileMonday  and many more.

Here are some pics from the event:

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I will be uploading some videos and more pics along with good details shortly.

Article on Pocket Travel assistant on Mint News Paper

An article on my travel application MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant has appeared in today’s Mint News Paper (by The Hindustan Times & The Wall Street Journal) titled “Travelling made easier with a pocketdigital guide“.

This section highlights some of the best nominations for this year’s MBillionth Awards South Asia Mobile Congress organised by Digital Empowerment Foundation, , WSA MobileContent, Department of Information Technology , Govt of India with partners like Nokia Siemens Network, MobileMonday etc.

You can check the online version of the article at :

The scanned version of the story from the hard copy archive can be found at :

You can Download the story from by clicking this link     (PDF)

Following are some selected sections from the article:

… Pocket Travel Assistant, or PTA, is a free-of-cost mobile phone application that promises to bring the world to the fingertips of travellers.

It compiles a range of information about places of tourist interest globally, including landmarks, history, culture, weather, street addresses and phone numbers.

This is beefed up with local news, maps and content such as mobile phone books to serve as a comprehensive digital travel guide.

“The initial motivation was to create a proof of concept mobile mash-up application of non-mobile data sources, and to make it available on mobile,” said Samir Kumar Dash, the entrepreneur who has created PTA. “The idea was to provide the traveller with a one-stop solution for all his travel needs.”

Using PTA, travellers can also directly access images or video clips of a particular destination available on websites such as Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube.

The application uses the location of the phone to provide users with local emergency numbers, such as police helpline or the nearest clinic or hospital.

In places where language is a barrier, PTA links to the Google language translator page to help out with simple phrases in the local language.

It has its limits. PTA does not provide information about the remote villages of India unless they have a historical or geographical significance.

But with the use of the Ineternet rising in India, Dash is hopeful. “As the data PTA uses is based on Internet data, in time more and more information about the remotest places will be available,” he said.

The application is available for Flash Llite 3x-enabledmobile phones only. Users need a GPRS/Wifi connection that allows data transfer to use it.

“(Being) easy to download and free of cost with no hidden charges involved makes the product even more usable by a traveller, along with its additional features,” said Dash…

Final preparations for Manthan Award South Asia 2009 – International Conference & Award Gala

Tomorrow evening I will be leaving for New Delhi to participate in Manthan Award South Asia 2009. I am excited about meeting with new people with sharing ideas on digital best practices. There is a 5 minutes presentation on Pocket Travel Assistant (PTA) . Also I have reserved an exhibition space to showcase the application and discuss with other participants about the newer possibilities of moving  enterprise level applications to mobiles through Adobe’s proven technologies, specially Flash Platform.

Event Details :

Event Date: 18th & 19th of December
Venue:NCUI Campus,August Kranti Marg,New Delhi.

About Manthan Award South Asia 2009

Manthan Award is a first of its kind initiative in India and South Asia to scout and recognise innovative ICT and digital practices and innovations in digital Content and Creativity towards digital inclusion. The 6th edition of MASA 2009 is being held in New Delhi during December 18-19, 2009 at NCUI Complex. The 2009 edition has key event verticals across all major ICT and digital inclusion for development thematic areas in the region.

For more details on Manthan Award visit

Let’s Meet at Manthan Award South Asia 2009 at New Delhi

I will be showcasing Pocket Travel Assistant (PTA) at Manthan Award South sia 2009 at New Delhi. PTA is a shortlisted nominee in the categoy Mobile for Masses. So if you happen to be in New Delhi, we can meet. 

If you wish to be a part of the event, you can register at

I have recorded some video on PTA in action on a N96 handset, to exhibit during the two days, you can find some of these at YouTube channel: 

PTA Demo on a Nokia N96 (Part - 1)

Details are in the following:

Event Date: 18th & 19th of December
Venue:NCUI Campus,August Kranti Marg,New Delhi.

About Manthan Award South Asia 2009

Manthan Award is a first of its kind initiative in India and South Asia to scout and recognise innovative ICT and digital practices and innovations in digital Content and Creativity towards digital inclusion. The 6th edition of MASA 2009 is being held in New Delhi during December 18-19, 2009 at NCUI Complex. The 2009 edition has key event verticals across all major ICT and digital inclusion for development thematic areas in the region.

Launched in 2004 by Digital Empowerment Foundation in knowledge partnership with World Summit Award,the Manthan Award has come to define the very best in digital content for development. Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, India, has been the key Government support partner.

MASA 2009 Event Verticals
Micro Summit on e-Commerce, Entrepreneurship & Livelihood Generation
Consultation on ‘Governance & Digital Constituencies
Consultation on Education & Learning
Consultation on Health, Science & Environment
Consultation on New Media & Community Broadcasting
Consultation on Mobile for Masses
IDRC India Social Science Research Conference & Award 2009
Categories for Award Recognition for MASA 2009
Community Broadcasting, E-Business & Commerce, E-Culture & Entertainment,
E-Education, E-Enterprise & Livelihood, E-Entertainment, E-Science & Environment,
E-Governance, E-Health, E-Inclusion, E-Learning, E-Localisation, E-News & M-Content
The Manthan Award Reach & Spin Offs
2007 -> 353 Nominations -> 39 Winners
2008 -> 400 Nominations -> 33 Winners
2009 -> 378 Nominations -> 45 Winners
Facilitating national digital movement through national award platforms in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in 2009